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Leslie County Cooperative Extension Service

River scene in Leslie County, Kentucky. The Community and Economic Development program helps communities resolve locally determined problems with objective information and educational assistance. The program also develops community leadership potential and assists communities in determining long-range programs of action on such issues as economic development, community services, community planning and visioning, land use and community resource management.
Leslie County Office
22045 Main Street (514)
Hyden, KY 41749-8568
(606) 672-2154 - Office
(606) 672-4385 - Fax


Web Site:
http://ces.ca.uky.edu/leslie/communitydev/ External Link - You are now leaving the .gov domain.

Frontier Nursing Service

A family-centered healthcare system complimented by a long standing commitment to education focused on advanced nursing practices.  It has offered family oriented healthcare to rural and underserved populations for more than eighty years and educational opportunities for over 65 years.  Behind it is the tradition of “Nurses on Horseback.”  This image is a part of their history and heritage, but it alone does not characterize why the Frontier Nursing Service is unique today. 

132 FNS Drive
Wendover, KY 1775
(606) 672-2317 - Office

Web Site:
www.frontiernursing.org/ External Link - You are now leaving the .gov domain.

Kentucky River District Health Department

Seven Counties
(606) 672-2393

The Kentucky River Service Region
Kentucky Cabinet for Health & Family Services

Family support offices in Hyden.

Web Site:

The Frontier School of Midwifery and Family Nursing

A private, non-profit, non-residential community-based, distance education graduate school offering a Masters of Science in Nursing Degree and certificates in advanced practice specialties.  Their mission is to provide a high quality education that prepares nurses to become competent, entrepreneurial, ethical and compassionate nurse-midwives and nurse practitioners who will provide primary care for women and families residing in all areas with a focus on rural and medically underserved populations.
Hyden Office
P.O. Box 528
195 School St.
Hyden, KY 41749
(606) 672-2312 - Office


Web Site:
http://www.midwives.org External Link - You are now leaving the .gov domain.

Daniel Boone Habitat for Humanity

Web Site:
www.habitat.org/cd/local/affiliate_detail.aspx?affiliate=1757-6151 External Link - You are now leaving the .gov domain.

Head Start Programs

The LKLP Head Start program is a federally-funded program for preschool children from low-income families.

Web Site:
www.lklp.org/services/headstart/hslocations.htm#Leslie External Link - You are now leaving the .gov domain.

Leslie County Volunteer Fire Department Association


  • Thousandsticks Volunteer Fire & Rescue Department
  • Hyden-Leslie County Volunteer Fire Department
  • Wooton Volunteer Fire Department
  • Coon Creek Volunteer Fire & Rescue
  • Cutshin Volunteer Fire & Rescue
  • Stinnett Fire & Rescue

Web Site:
www.firedepartments.net/county/KY/LeslieCounty.html External Link - You are now leaving the .gov domain.


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